The other advantages of PET strapping over STEEL strapping include:
  • It does not rust and there is no corrosion staining of the strapped product
  • Its weight is half that of steel which minimises manual handling risks
  • It contains more meters and this reduces coil change frequency
  • It does not have sharp edges therefore reducing the personal injury risk
  • It is environmentally friendly - it can be recycled!
  • It has a higher related tension than STEEL strapping
  • It is elastic - it stretches during application, meaning less strapping is used per pack, resulting in monetary savings!
  • It is weather and UV resistant (it retains its applied tension even in extreme temperatures)
  • It performs well under 'shock loading'
Economical :
  • The cost of packing cargoes with polyester (PET) strapping is 20-30% lower than when using steel strapping.
  • PET strapping weighs 7 times less than steel strapping. For heavy products such strapping is more reliable and cheaper than steel strapping
Elastic (or restoration memory) :
  • The strapping is very tight and thus retains its fastening capacity.
  • The strapping's tensile strength is important not only with dynamic loads but also when the cargo is deformed.
  • Polyester strapping will extend with the pack deformation and alter when no deformation is in place they will return to is original state and the cargo will remain securely fixed.
  • As a rule, packs are tied with strapping before placing them in drying facilities. Polyester strapping, after removal from the drying facility, tightly binds the pack, which saves time and packing materials.
Resistant to shocks and atmospheric impact :
  • The load that can be endured by the PET strapping is comparable to and even better than that of steel strapping
  • polyester does not stain and leaves no rust stains on the cargo
  • polyester strapping are as durable as steel ones and are much better than the latter in terms of their resistance to dynamic loads and show better performance in the case of deformation and change in the size of the cargo packed
  • An important feature for consumers is durability to temperature impact
  • The cold endurance of polyester strapping reaches minus 45-50 degrees, which allows it to be used for packing timber materials in winter even in northern regions.